Industry News 7/12/2012

B$Z: Sitka Welcomes Five New European Distributors

Sitka Welcomes Five New European Distributors
Victoria, BC Canada – Sitka is happy to announce they have added three new European distributors to their overseas base. Sitka is now being represented in the UK/Ireland by ‘Black Closet Distribution’, in Greece by ‘Jack of All Trades Distribution’ and in the Benelux by ‘Vista Mar Distribution’.
Joining the likes of ‘77Ride’ in Germany, and ‘Roots Distribution’ in Switzerland, the three new distributors are now a part of Sitka’s constantly expanding European distribution force. The new partners are equipped and ready to take on their respective territories for the Spring 2013 sales season.
“We are very happy to add three companies with such a wealth and variety of experience in the industry,” said Mike Pepperdine, Director of Sales at Sitka. “The European market is proving to be an interesting and valuable territory for the Sitka brand, and we couldn’t be happier with our new and existing distribution partners.”