Industry News 7/26/2012

EVENT: Boardworks SHUBU SUP Cross Just Days Away

Boardworks SHUBU SUP Cross Just Days Away

Get ready for one of the most fun SUP events of the year! The Boardworks Weber River Show Up & Blow Up SUP Cross is less than a week away and the slots are filling up.

The SUP Cross is a fast and furious course around buoys and though rapids with 4 person heats. Winners in mens and womens categories walk away with a Badfish MCIT inflatable and more! So far on the roster we have Anthony Vela, Slater Trout , Dan Gavere, Mike Tavares, Haley Mills, Candice Appleby, Jay and Anik Wild, Nick Turner, Dave Boehne, Colin McPhillips, Earl Richmond, Nikki Gregg, Strongwater KB and Luke , and many others. But don’t worry, while the competition may look fierce this event is all about fun and it’s not too late to sign up. For more information and online registration go to See you there!

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