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WEB: Surfersvillage Launch ALL NEW website platform

August 1, 2012

Surfersvillage Launch ALL NEW website platform

Surfersvillage now under a new management team at Projeckts Ltd has launched the new version of its world-renowned website. Incorporating an entirely new website platform and design with new elements, it offers improved viewer experience, and a more efficient service to it's corporate clients.

A vast array of content is presented and easily accessed. Early reaction and comments have been 100% positive from surfers, editors, media, and technical users and audiences. The newly introduced elements have been welcomed and endorsed, and the design has been categorized 'super-user-orientated'.

Some of the new features include:

Large Player: Live Streaming, Videos, Slideshows
Small Player: Top news, Editorial Slideshows, Videos

Featured Video
Featured Portrait gallery

New Regional News sections
New Contest reports Sections

Multimedia: New Slideshow section
Surforecasts: New partnership with

Learn To Surf: All you need to learn from A to Z
Surf Directories: Surf Camps, Schools, Shapers, & Photographers

Video: Featured news, and Videos
SV TV: Presenting the latest videos in surfing

NGOs: ASP, ISA, BWWT, SUP, (+ more) news sections
Surfersvillage Awards 2012: - The Search for Talent

Newswire: Improved aggregation
Community: Social Media tools Share & Comments

Check it out at or

Surfersvillage has been bringing the latest surfing news and information to surfers worldwide since the 1990's. Wherever waves break, surfing news is breaking too. If it happens anywhere in the world in surfing, Surfersvillage has it covered. The 'Reuters of Surfing', Surfersvillage publishes and distributes the latest surfing news, surf-industry news, and related information, for the entire world daily.

If you seek content for your website, Surfersvillage is the perfectly positioned agency to fill your needs. With thousands of contributors in the mediums of print, video, audio, and photo, Surfersvillage has an ever-increasing and unrivaled pool of content.

If it happened in surfing, somewhere, you’ll read about it on Surfersvillage within hours. Surfersvillage is 'First in Surfing News'. and are owned and operated by Projeckts Ltd having offices in the 2012 Olympics City of London, England. Surfersvillage also publishes 'The Surfing Yearbook' a sports annual for surfing, in print, as well as 'It' Thirty Days in Surfing, an e-multimedia publication. Other platforms include the 'Surfersvillage Awards' search for media talent, and Surfersvillage TV an extensive surfing focused Youtube channel also providing LIVE Streaming services.

The new Surfersvillage platform was developed by Polestar-Publications

For more information please contact
Surfersvillage / Projeckts Ltd