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B$Z: Lastclick Partners with Grind For Life Charity Benefitting Families of Cancer Patients

August 8, 2012

Lastclick Partners with Grind For Life Charity Benefitting Families of Cancer Patients has partnered with Grind for Life to help raise money to build a place for families of cancer patients to go while their loved ones are going through treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. LastClck raises money by putting up items for people to win through an auction where users pay to play, and the last click wins.

Different from fundraising, LastClck partners with non-profits to give them a sustainable avenue for generating the funds they need to solve problems, by combining business and non-profit know how. LastClck’s aim is to give their non-profit partners a big boost to their efforts while giving their members the experience of a lifetime.

Yao-Hui Huang, a highly entrepreneurial executive who has advised the full range of companies, from Fortune 100 to startups, across industries for the last decade, founded LastClck. Yao has also founded and managed companies in the technology, digital media and venture spaces including The Hatchery and Gigapixel Creative. Her work has been featured in Fortune, Inc Magazine, The Miami Herald, Reuters, Daily News, Red Herring, Crains, and American Venture.

Grind For Life, Inc was founded in 2003, by life-long skateboarder Mike Rogers, after his second battle with sarcoma cancer. Mike's tumor was located behind his right eye and nasal cavity. He endured a 17-hour surgery a cranial-facial resection with a brain-lift, removal of his eye, cheekbone, and half of the roof of his mouth and some of his teeth. He beat cancer once as a pre-teen, and again 25 years later. Mike beat the odds and is skateboarding competitive again.

The mission of the Grind For Life organization is to provide financial assistance to cancer patients and their families when traveling long distances to doctors and hospitals. “Our ultimate goal with this organization is to have a couple of apartments near Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, so people who are receiving treatment at the hospital can have their family near them.” said founder Mike Rogers. “We want to be able to provide a comfortable place to stay, charge fees based on a sliding scale, provide support for those who are not accustomed to the city, and make a rough situation a little easier for those who travel long distances for treatment.”

Right now Grind for Life has two featured auctions. The first is 2 VIP passes to Dew Tour at Ocean City with two special gift bags- and this auction ends Sunday, July 29th at 9:00 p.m! And another August 5th! The passes include front row access to skateboarding & BMX competitions in VIP sections. The whole event only allows 20 people so you and a friend will be one of the few and you’ll be 20 feet from competitors. The VIP access passes to Dew Tour are in Ocean City, MD on Saturday and Sunday, August 18-19, 2012. While you are there, say hello to founder of Grind for Life, Mike Rogers! Every bid benefits Grind For Life. To bid on this auction click here:

The second featured auction is 2 VIP passes to Street League Championships 2012 and to meet Rob Dyrdek. Street League Championships are on Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, 2012. Saturday is available to VIP floor seat holders only. It's a special day just for you and a friend to get a private meeting with Rob Dyrdek and his autograph. Sunday is the big competition with floor seats and other events. This auction ends August 12th - click here to bid:

Check out Grind for Life’s Charity page here:

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For more information about the Grind for Life and LastClck partnership, please call 888-951-9992 or e-mail Yao Huang at LastClck, at [email protected]