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B$Z: Extreme Athletics Partners with Athletic Yoga Instructor, Lacey Calvert

August 17, 2012

Extreme Athletics Partners with Athletic Yoga Instructor, Lacey Calvert

Extreme Athletics is proud to announce that they have officially signed Lacey Calvert to their team. Lacey, an Oakley Women’s Ambassador, has been teaching yoga to athletes for over four years and is also the co-owner of California Yoga Sport. “I’m ecstatic with this decision and we couldn’t be happier!” said Paul Norris, CEO, of Extreme Athletics. “I’ve known Lacey for almost 5 years and I’ve seen her grow into an amazing yoga instructor and she is at the top of her game when teaching yoga to athletes. We really felt the need to bring someone onto our team that could connect with our surfers and really help them focus and improve their flexibility. Yoga is just an added benefit that we want to be able to give to our athletes. It just makes sense.” Working with multiple athletes in the past, Lacey has found that she is “so happy with this venture! I’ve known Paul for so long and I really stand by Extreme Athletics and they product that they offer to local surfers.  I have seen first hand how much yoga and improve and strengthen your surfing, and stoked to be doing it here in Southern California”.

Lacey Calvert started teaching yoga after she witnessed yoga allowing herself to become stronger in sports she was involved in.  Her first class was on the beach of Huntington to a group of local surfers.  From there, she and partner Lindsea Swisher created the company California Yoga Sport in which they traveled around the world to train athletes from various sport backgrounds.  Lacey is also an Oakley Women’s Ambassador, as well as a member of Team ZICO of ZICO Coconut Water.  Lacey’s background of being involved in extreme sports her whole life is the foundation of her yoga sessions, providing anatomical insights, great music and lots of laughs.  For more information, contact Lacey at [email protected] or

Extreme Athletics is surf specific training facility located in Costa Mesa, CA. Opening their doors in February 2012, the owners, Jon Brown and Paul Norris, have been working with surfers for over 5 years. They cater to competitive and non-competitive surfers as well as adults looking to get into shape while doing surf specific workouts. Having worked with ASP standouts, Courtney Conlogue and Malia Manuel, they pride themselves on delivering surf specific programs designed to maximize the athlete’s potential. For more information visit