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B$Z: Mervin Manufacturing has relaunched websites for its action sports brands

August 30, 2012

Mervin Manufacturing Uses New Shopatron Integration Capabilities to Create a Better Customer Experience

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif., Aug. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mervin Manufacturing has relaunched websites for its action sports brands, including most recently, utilizing Shopatron's newest integration capabilities (APIs). The new APIs seamlessly integrate the powerful Shopatron eCommerce solution directly into Mervin's brand websites, making for a simpler and better experience for their customers.

Although Shopatron has supplied order management and eCommerce capabilities for the Mervin brand websites since 2010, until the new sites were launched, Mervin maintained both a marketing website and a separate online store for each brand.

"While our branded online stores have served their function — they sold our products — they were not the optimal solution for customers," said Brian Behrens, Developer at Mervin Manufacturing. "Customers needed to click from our brand website to our online store in order to buy a product, and some customers abandoned that process. Now, with our single all-inclusive website for each brand, shoppers can add a product to their cart and go into checkout with two simple clicks, which will raise our sales conversion rates."

Shopatron's newest integration capabilities give Mervin's web developers the ability to easily utilize Shopatron's shopping cart features directly on a brand website, enabling implementation with little or no technical support.

"The new Shopatron Add to Cart API was exactly what we were looking for," continued Behrens. "It was simple to implement. Just add a few lines of code, and you are selling directly on your current website while keeping full control over the brand experience."

"With new Shopatron APIs, any brand can turn their marketing website into an online store, allowing them to create a better shopping experience for consumers and sell more," said Sean Collier, Chief Customer Advocate at Shopatron. "Sounds like a win-win to me."

To learn more about Shopatron solutions download the Mervin case study, visit or call 866-625-5050.

About Mervin
Mervin Manufacturing, home of Lib Tech, GNU, and Bent Metal, is a leading designer and manufacturer of snowboarding, NASing, surfing, and skateboarding products built at the world's most environMENTAL factory by people who ride them. Mervin is the longest running and last major board-building factory still producing in the USA. Based out of Carlsborg, Washington, between the rugged Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges, Mervin is a direct link between riding and manufacturing.

About Shopatron
Shopatron is the world's only eCommerce solution that increases sales online, while also increasing sales through retail stores. Shopatron's eCommerce and order management solution provides an innovative and flexible approach to online sales that matches the unique needs of branded manufacturers, multi-channel retailers, and online marketplaces. Founded in 2001, Shopatron works with more than 1,000 branded manufacturers and 20,000 retail partners across more than 40 industries. Clients include top brands such as Bosch, Suzuki, Polaroid, Mizuno, Ducati, JL Audio, K2, Intermix, and Sport Chalet. The company has offices in San Luis Obispo, California and Swindon, United Kingdom.