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CLIMB: American's 25th Kilimanjaro Summit Breaks Record

September 28, 2012

American’s 25th Kilimanjaro Summit Breaks Record
Macon Dunnagan Breaks Record for Most Summits in One Month

Mt Killamanjaro, Tanzania (9/29/2012)– While most Americans were sleeping in the US, Charlotte, North Carolina native Macon Dunnagan summited Mount Kilimanjaro Friday setting a record of four summits in 28 days for a total of 25 summits on highest peak in Africa.  This monumental climb tops off a fund raising year of over $150,000.00

Macon, age 51, made his first ascent in 1998 with the loving encouragement of his wife Michelle.  Michelle, once diagnosed with ovarian cancer, remained in the US while Macon continued his passion for climbing "Kili".  Following Michelle's death in 2007. Macon dedicated his climbs for charity causes.  Nine climbs have been fund raising climbs for Ovarian Cancer projects in the US and Canada.  As a member of the Rotary Club, Macon has lead climbs for the organization's pet project "End Polio Now".  This past month 28 climbers from the Charlotte, North Carolina Rotary Club have made the trek raising almost $100,000.00 for the cause.    Dunnagan's climbs don't end at his 25th ascent.  In 2013 Dunngan will lead four climbs all of them fund raising climbs. Dunnagan says he has climbs scheduled until 2017. 

When Macon is not climbing Kilimanjaro, he works for US Airways based in Charlotte, NC.  In his free time he travels around the US and Canada working with organizations on fund raising climbs and giving presentations for climbing enthusiasts at outfitters such as WholeEarth Provisions and Jesse Brown Outdoors.   Macon will be at The Dallas Travel & Adventure Show  November 10 & 11, 2012.

Macon is a published author his first book Sons of Kilimanjaro was published in 2001.   His second book is finished awaiting a publisher and book three is underway.   When asked what compells him to climb the same mountain again and again, Dunnagan replies: "I enjoy taking other people up Kilimanjaro and giving them an appreciation for the mountain, what it is, the environment and the people of Tanzania."

Dunnagan is the Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition Director for Zara Tours of Tanzania in the US and Canada.  His groups are all hosted and based out of Zara's, Moshi Tanzania resort "Springlands".   Dunnagan is sponsored by PolarMax specializing in base layer clothing, and Native Eyewear.

Although Dunnagan does not have a website yet, you can always find him on Facebook where he is happy to answer questions.

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