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Malakye Picks: Presidential Social Media Blunders + Hate Networking?

October 4, 2012

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Obama and Romney's Biggest Social Media Mistakes (read it on

Why Read It? Learn from the Presidential Candidates' mistakes.

As a result of the scrutiny that comes with a constant social media spotlightduring the Presidential Election, candidates Obama and Romney have both made several significant "campaign stops" as unexpected blowbacks associated with the Internet has forced them to pause and take stock of how the ongoing onslaught of online scrutiny has suddenly turned conventional politics upside down.

"There was a lot of talk post-'08 about it being the social media election. But the reality is, Twitter launched during the last campaign, and Facebook had less than 100 million users. We were at the very beginning of what it meant to be social."

Younger Workers Are More Satisfied Than Baby Boomers (read it on

Why Read It? Here's proof that millenials aren't entitled and lazy.

"It can be argued that younger workers are actually MORE positive and dedicated to their jobs than their predecessors."

There's an opportunity in your area!

5 Questions To Help You Work Any Room (read it on

Why Read It? Networking is essential, these tips will help you initiate and maintain conversations.

When looking for a conversation partner in a crowded room, there are three likely scnarioes that make it easy to initiate dialogue: 1) Fun, inviting groups 2) White-knuckled loners who look uncomfortable and will welcome your attempt to initiate dialogue 3) Familiar faces.

Here are some questions to get those conversations going:

  • What's your connection to the event?
  • What's keeping you busy when you're not at events like this or at work?
  • Are you getting away this summer?
  • Are you working on any charity initiatives?
  • How did you come to be in your line of work?

"Mastering small talk will help you find common ground to create a mini-bond with new contacts. Small talk may feel trite and unimportant, but it's the small talk that leads to the big talk!"