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Malakye Picks: Your Days Don't Need to Be Long + Stop Checking Your Email

October 11, 2012

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Be More Productive, Work Less Hours (read it on

Why Read It? Because you're onboard with working smarter, and not longer.

"Instead of counting the hours you work, judge your success by the results you produce. These accomplishments — not the hours that you log — are what ultimately drive your organization's success."

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Stop Checking Your Email, Now (read it on

Why Read It? If you feel email is an addictive time-suck, here's how to cut back.

The average office workers spends 28% of the workday on email, here's some low-hanging fruit for getting your head out of your inbox.

  • Unsubscribe: the average email user gets 147 messages per day and deletes 71 (48%) - deletion takes an average of 3.2 seconds
  • No folders: filing seems productive, but according to Alex Moore, CEO of Baydin - creating files associated with different projects or people is the least efficient way to find emails you might need again in the future, less efficient, in fact, then scrolling back through your inbox trying to remember roughly when the needed email was received.
  • Send email at the right time: the average email user writes 40 messages a day, but there's no point writing these emails if they don't get read...
  • Don't check email so often: "Email is such a seductress in terms of distraction because it poses as valid work."

"In 1972, you realize, office workers spent zero percent of their time on email. Forty years later, though, checking email has become synonymous with working, to the point where it seems to be taking over our working lives."

Use LinkedIn and Twitter for Networking (read it on

Why Read It? To network successfully you must connect with the right people.

Social media is great for networking, but it can also feel totally overwhelming. Here are a few ways to sift through the noise and find the people and conversations that you should be engaged with.

  • Seek out the authors of the content you read.
  • Become an author yourself.
  • Leverage twitter keyword searches.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups.
  • Meet the people who are looking at you.

"Reaching out to engage in conversation not only shows you're paying attention, but also shows you're open to forming new professional relationships."

*According to a July 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report on "the social economy".








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Patrick Tatera, Owner / CEO of Pat's Back Country Beverages on developing portable beer

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Lauren Duensing, Programs Director for NICA

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