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B$Z: Swipe4TheKids adds Action Sports in schools to receive Youth Enrichment Funding

October 23, 2012

Swipe4TheKids adds Action Sports in schools to receive Youth Enrichment Funding

Swipe4TheKids announced today that it is now including board sports that are tied to school curriculum as eligible applicants for youth enrichment funding.

There are many opportunities for students to get a first experience - or further existing skills - in board sports, while also obtaining P.E. credits. Swipe4TheKids will now be funding these programs as local and national businesses join hands with the Swipe4TheKids program. Manufacturers and retailers in the board sports industry now have a unique opportunity to help fund these programs and gain significant exposure --- all at no cost.

"With the increased support on a mainstream level, this was bound to happen. In the mid-90's, before it was recognized as a legitimate class, I coached the surf team at Ensign Middle School and Newport Harbor High in Newport Beach CA, and it's come a long way" stated Adam Grossman, Director of R&D.

Surf industry publishing mogul Steve Zeldin added, "This is a truly unique and healthy way to support youth while branding and connecting with new consumers... such innovative and rewarding opportunities don't come around often enough."

Joining Adam in this effort is California native Jason Bingham, a Swipe4TheKids Marketing Consultant in Florida, who has spent many sessions in the water and on the slopes. He also spent 15 years as Associate Publisher of Wakeboarding Magazine. And at the helm of the program, Swipe4TheKids' own CEO, Peter Riggio, who rides the barrel like a madman.

Board Sports related businesses and school-based programs are encouraged to find out how - at no cost - Swipe4TheKids can provide funding: Receive a no cost analysis of your Merchant Service Account and Swipe4theKids will match or beat a retailers current situation before inviting them to be a part of the program.  Allowing Swipe 4 The Kids to provide Merchant Services (credit card processing) for your business is how the funding for these programis created.  See more at

Any Action Sports related manufacturers or retailers, or business interested in joining the program, can contact Jason Bingham at (407) 234-4243 or [email protected]