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B$Z: Green Mountain Project Does the Dew

November 5, 2012

Green Mountain Project Does the Dew
Mountain Fresh Gear

Outerwear from Old Mountain Dew bottles? Sounds crazy, but it's true. Burton teamed up with fellow alpine enthusiasts Mountain Dew to recycle plastic bottles into functional, stylish outerwear. We hit up outerwear designer Colin Alger to see what working with Mountain Dew is like and what his favorite pieces are.

Let's face it, we all consume a lot of stuff, but there are ways we can reduce our impact -- recycling is one of them.

The Green Mountain Project, brought to you by Burton Snowboards and Mountain Dew, reclaims plastic soda bottles to create materials that reduce our collective impact. Our new generation fabric is made by transforming recycled bottles into pellets that are spun into the yarns that are woven into fabric to make the Green Mountain Project outwear collection.

Learn more about the project from Danny Davis and his fellow Frends Crew member Jack Mitrani in the video below and do your part to close the loop -- Drink it. Recycle it. Wear it.

Green Mountain Project t-shirts are currently available at Burton Flagship Stores. Watch this page for more Green Mountain Project news this spring and your first look at the full outerwear collection, available in stores September 2012.

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