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Malakye Picks: Art & Design in Education | Effective Career Tips | Stop Procrastinating

November 1, 2012

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Incorporating Art and Design into Education (read it on Good.Is)

Why Read It? Our industry is driven by art and design. This artcile written by Viktor Venson makes a clear case for Art & Design to have an equal place at the education table.

"There are movements and organizations on the "other side" that are advocating for the arts and design to be included in STEM. Whether it's STEAM (A is for arts) or STEM-D (D is for design) these organizations are recognizing the missing link in the equation. While both of these trains are pulling towards the same direction, they are unfortunately not working together to get there."

There's an opportunity in your area!
photo: via Flickr user opensourceway

Effective Career Tips from a Productivity Guru (read it on

Why Read It? This Master of Productivity shares what you need to know about acheiving peak career performance.

Bob Pozen is a lecturer at the Harvard Business School and is an extremely productive guy. A key, says Pozen, for maximizing your time is learning to see the big picture by forming and placing your goals while not being overwhelmed with the small bits of how to realize those achievements. Pozen sees this as the essence of productivity, explaining "Your daily schedule needs to be connected to your yearly objectives; if not, you're just getting through the day." Here are some of his tips for achieving peak career performance.

Career Planning

  • Implement 'step-by-step optionality' (a measured and probabilistic approach which emphasizes developing skills that meet the marketplace) into your career-planning philosophy.
  • Create yearly goals to focus on as priorities for achievement - these will become operationalized through weekly goals.

Supply & Demand

  • Find what skills will be needed in your industry and develop those in yourself. For example: if your company is moving into Latin America, you'll want to learn Spanish.
  • To level up your skills, you want to always be looking for on-the-job training, whether structured or not. Self-improvement is a wonderful motivator.

Minimize Your Routine, Maximize Your Time

  • Everyone is better off with a uniform of sorts, you need to get through your daily routines as quickly as possible so that you can invest your energy into projects that further your yearly ambitions.
  • 'Only Handle It Once' - if the task is important, handle it immediately and completely.

"No matter what your career aspirations are, you should begin by thinking carefully about why you are engaging in any activity and what you can expect to get out of it...Your daily schedule needs to be connected to your yearly objectives, if not, you're just getting through the day."

An Action Plan To Stop Procrastinating (read it on

Why Read It? "People who procrastinate tend to be less healthy, less wealthy and less happy."

It's that time of day when procrastination seems to be taking over. You're not motivated to complete a task and there are just so many ways to become distracted. You need to find a way to spend this time doing work. Here's a quick list for how to get back to being your productive self.

  • Be Prepared: make sure everything you need to complete a task is there when you sit down to start.
  • Set Rules (and follow them): discipline is important, but be sure to not over-schedule or take on too many tasks - this over-burdening can lead to procrastination.
  • Write Out Each Step: write down each step of how to accomplish a task, then follow those intructions and finish it!
  • Ask for Help: do whatever it takes to get closer to completing tasks.
  • Reward Yourself: rewards along the way make it easier to accomplish a big goal.
  • *Restart the day: don't let the day be a wash if you fail to be productive in the morning, re-assess your priorities to get things done in the afternoon with a fresh start!
Dana Swanson, Director of Marketing for X-1 Powered by H2O Audio

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Mike Killion, Photographer - Entrant in Surfing Magazine / Nike Surfing 'Baby Cobras' Contest

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ZJ Boarding House presents 4th Annual Haunted Heats Halloween Costume Surf Contest

There's an opportunity in your area!

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