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Malakye Picks: Special Turkey Day Edition

November 21, 2012 - Action Sports, Outdoor & Lifestyle Industry Jobs  
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This Thanksgiving: Promise to Stay Unplugged (read it on

Why Read It? A vacation with one thumb constantly on a device is no vacation at all.

"Vacations not only offer a respite from the daily grind but the downtime offers opportunities to allow new concepts and strategies to marinate. 'When you come back you are rested, you able to innovate, your passion is back."

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The Last Vacation Mental Prep List You’ll Need (read it on

Why Read It? Avoid the seven-day trap: three impatient days anticipating being relaxed already, two days of actually being relaxed, and then two final days of dread before going back to work.

  • Leave Your Context at Home: we are unaware of just how much of our everyday life we bring along on vacation.
  • Endure the Boredom: fight through the withdrawal — not just from your device but also from the constant need to be doing something.
  • Get Over Yourself: your workplace will not implode if you're not there.
  • Stop Flirting With Work: "we actually believe we can be productive in these spurts on vacation." This is usually not the case.
  • Don't Worry About Re-Entry, Most of It's Spam: keeping up with e-mail on vacation and not wanting to fall behind will leave you feeling as though she's never fully relaxed.

Green Gift Guide via, featuring lists for Design Junkies, Foodies, Green Geeks, Kids, Fashion Buffs, and More!

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Quiksilver Boardriders Club - 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, Calif.

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7 Thanksgiving Diet Disasters to Avoid (via ABC News)

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Make the Most of Your Time Off
(read it on

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"Vacations are supposed to relieve stress and recharge your batteries, but when you don’t properly prepare for them they can do just the opposite." Use these tips to ensure you come home as happy as possible.

Enjoy Thanksgiving on Any Diet
(read it on

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Holiday dinners can be stressful - gluten intolerance, vegetarians, nut allergies, or other types of dietary restrictions can make things difficult. Here's a plan for navigating Thanksgiving to service any diet.