Industry News 1/17/2013

B$Z: Spy Protects North Shore Lifeguards

Spy Protects North Shore Lifeguards

CARLSBAD, Calif.— SPY is happy to protect the watchful eyes of the North Shore Lifeguard Association—a brave group responsible for the safety and well-being of three million yearly visitors enjoying the North Shore of Oahu’s sun and surf—with SPY Trident polarized lenses.

As the most elite lifeguard association on the planet, the NSLA not only performs hundreds of rescues in the rough and temperamental ocean waters of Oahu each year, but also promotes ocean safety and lifesaving education within the North Shore community.

“The North Shore Lifeguards are watching the water better than ever thanks to our new SPY sunglasses,” says Abe Lerner, NSLA president. “Not only is the afternoon glare bearable with SPY Trident polarized lenses, but our eyes haven’t felt this good in years! We’re stoked SPY stepped up to support us in the job that we love to do.”

SPY Trident polarized lenses block sunlight’s glare-filled rays, and filter the chaos into a stream of clear, clean light. Layered and sealed within ARC® lenses, SPY Trident polarization will never scratch, delaminate or haze over the life of your sunglasses.

This spring the North Shore Lifeguard Association will have the opportunity to try out the new SPY Happy Lens—a polarized, color contrast-enhancing lens technology that not only improves vision and performance, but also helps harmonize mind and mood alike.

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