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Malakye Picks: The Future of Work

April 18, 2013 - Action Sports, Outdoor & Lifestyle Industry Jobs LOGIN: Employer Account | Personal Account
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The Way We'll Work in the Future (read it on

Why Read It? Who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now?

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In the future: "We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative & far less secure work by a generation with new values - and women will increasingly be at the controls."

  • We're Getting Off the Ladder: "Companies are increasingly supporting more natural growth, letting employees wend their way upward like climbing vines."
  • Yes, We'll Still Make Stuff: "The death of American manufacturing has been greatly exaggerated. According to U.N. statistics, the U.S. remains by far the world's largest manufacturer, producing nearly twice as much value as No. 2 China."
  • It Will Pay to Save the Planet: "A number of environmentalists and economists believe that by implementing a comprehensive energy program, we can not only avert the worst consequences of climate change but also create millions of new jobs - green jobs - in the U.S."
  • Women Will Rule Business: "A decade from now, companies will understand that hiring lots of women, and letting them work the way they want, will help them Make More Money."
  • The Search for the Next Perk: "It's become distressingly clear that employees are increasingly on their own when it comes to retirement savings and health care."

"Though unemployment is at a 25-year high, work will eventually return. But it won't look the same."

Where is the Future Workforce Headed? (read it on

Why Read It? Because globalization and digital technology are changing the terrain of U.S. industry.

"We face a challenge to fill the gap for skills and experience needed to perform in-demand jobs."

  • 10 Businesses That Will Boom in 2020: Fields vulnerable to cost-cutting and downsizing-such as government-are vulnerable.
  • Where the Jobs Will Be in 2020: Urban, coastal metro areas should be flush with employment opportunities for the rising workforce...The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that positions in healthcare and social assistance, professional and business services, and construction will represent more than half of the 20.5 million new jobs it expects to be created by 2020.
  • The New Concerns of an Evolving Workforce: Today's corporate catchphrases will become tomorrow's commonplace practices...Technology won't just affect the jobs we seek, but also the way we do our work.
  • The Pink Collar Job Boom: This decade, nearly one-third of job-seeking males will fill positions in industries where 70 percent of the workforce has been female.


There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

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The Changing Face of Work
(read it on

There's an opportunity in your area!

"Within companies, automation has moved from the manufacturing floor into the back office. It then migrated into the front office and beyond..."

Hotels, the Office of the Future?
(read it on

There's an opportunity in your area!

"Groups of workers can rent small-scale meeting rooms for $50 an hour, as part of Marriott's newly launched Workspace on Demand program."

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