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Malakye Picks: Summer Fun with the Company

May 23, 2013

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Have Fun at Work! (read it on

Why Read It? "They say that the best work happens when you're enjoying yourself, but how many of us work in an office where you genuinely have fun?"

There's an opportunity in your area!

"With work dominating our lives in so many ways and with the constant expectations to produce a quantity of quality results, it only makes sense that we should be having fun along the way."

  • Promoting fun as an actual approach to leadership epitomizes the new age of work.
  • Fun at work allows for the barriers between departments to be broken down creating a more open and collaborative work environment, "and consequently a more creative workplace."
  • "Undoubtedly there is a fine line where fun becomes unprofessional and unproductive, but tapping into the right balance is where you can find the golden nugget."
  • For the future workforce, creating a fun environment could lead not only to an inspirational atmosphere but also to attracting compatible future employees.

Why You Need to Have Fun to Create Success (read it on

Why Read It? Research has shown that when workplace leaders create a fun atmosphere there is a significant increase in the level of employee trust, creativity and communication.

Loving your work is not frivolous, it actually pays huge dividends in your life. And many of them aren't even work-related. When work leaves you feeling energized and engaged, that spills over into the rest of your life.

Here are some ways that having energizing work can benefit your life and the world:

  • You have more energy to put back into your work: When you're doing what you love, that energy can go straight into doing the work.
  • You have more energy to put into relationships: when you don't enjoy your work, that follows you home.
  • You have more energy to put into enjoying life: shift out of a monochromatic experience and into a multi-chromatic one.
Surf Summit 16 Presented by SIMA and BRA

There's an opportunity in your area!

"Not many people know that Under Armour makes outerwear or board shorts." explains Nick Rowley, Action Sports Brand Manager at Under Armour.

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

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Main newsletter photo sourced from TransWorld SURF.

Reasons to Host a Company Picnic
(read it on

There's an opportunity in your area!

Harlem Shake - Hurley Edition
(watch it on

There's an opportunity in your area!