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SKATE: Goldcoast Pays Skateboarders to Skip Work and Go Skate

June 3, 2013

Goldcoast Pays Skateboarders to Skip Work and Go Skate
Press Release from GoldCoast

June 3, 2013 (Salt Lake City, Utah) – GoldCoast “Sick Days” will pay skateboarders a day’s wages to take the day off work and go skateboarding.  GoldCoast will be giving away a “Sick Day” to one winner a month all summer long.  Everyone that wants a paid day off work can enter by visiting the GoldCoast skateboarding Facebook page and explaining why they are the most deserving to win a GoldCoast “Sick Day.” 

Who doesn’t want a day off work to get out and shred?  GoldCoast “Sick Days” are your chance to skip work without missing out on the paycheck. The first GoldCoast “Sick Day” winner will be selected before skateboarding’s biggest day of the year, Go Skateboarding Day, so the winner will be getting paid to celebrate!  Each winner will receive $100 and a GoldCoast complete skateboard for their “Sick Day.”

Founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), Go Skateboarding Day is a holiday for skateboarders to get together and take over the streets and skateparks.  It is also a day to show others what skateboarding is all about, and reclaim the skateboarding culture.

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About GoldCoast:
GoldCoast’s founders, Brock Harris, Chris Brunstetter, Dustin Ortiz and Nate Coan, describe the ethos of the brand here: “Skateboarding and design are at the core of GoldCoast.  These two things touch nearly every part of our lives. Design is the language of our creativity; it is the starting point for all our products. We appreciate awareness of little details in our surroundings, our products, and our designs. Our enthusiasm cannot be contained. We want to share stories, ideas, sessions and trips with our peers, and want them to do the same with us. The end goal is to have fun. We don’t do what we do for trophies, fame, or titles – we take it easy. Seriously.”