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BIKE: New agreement expands bike routes in national parks

June 7, 2013

New agreement expands bike routes in national parks
Press Release from BRAIN

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BRAIN) — The National Park Service and the Adventure Cycling Association recently signed a five-year agreement in which both groups will work collaboratively to build a nationwide bike route through national parks.

As part of the deal, Adventure Cycling will work with superintendents of individual parks to share information relevant to route designation. The agreement will promote user etiquette and safety, while providing well-managed recreation and tourism opportunities, the groups said in a press release. But the NPS preserves the authority to determine where and when bicycling is appropriate on park lands.

“Nationwide bicycle routes connect Americans to their national parks,” said Jonathan Jarvis, National Park Service director. “Our partnership with the bicycling community presents an opportunity for us to foster connections between national parks and cyclists of all ages.”