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Malakye Picks: Security Online

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Security in the New Digital Age, According to a Google Exec
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Why Read It? Because a universally connected population will breed new digital challenges and opportunities, with the biggest trend among them being the possibility of a breach in security - welcome to the new digital age.

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  • Online privacy will be a way of life: "Most parents will realize that the most valuable way to help their child is to have the privacy-and-security talk even before the sex talk."
  • Cloud data storage will emerge as the norm, radically changing how we view privacy: Year after year, individuals and companies are storing an increased amount of important data in the cloud - tough to argue against that process continuing.
  • Increasing loss of control over important information: Rampant petty data theft is already hugely debilitating to businesses. This should be the focus of most security efforts going forward.

"From birth till your death...your online profile will be shaped more and more by online events...and it will be very difficult for you to completely control that."

Be Vigilant About Protecting Your Security on the Internet
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Why Read It? Because you have no control over security on the internet.

" Facebook regularly abuses the privacy of its users. Google has stopped supporting its popular RSS feeder...Both Twitter and LinkedIn have recently suffered security breaches that affected the data of hundreds of thousands of their users.

Power has shifted in IT, in favor of both cloud-service providers and closed-platform vendors. This power shift affects many things, and it profoundly affects security.

Traditionally, computer security was the user's responsibility...Now that the IT industry has matured, we expect more security "out of the box." "

"Increasingly, we have little alternative but to trust someone, so we need to decide who we trust — and who we don't — and then act accordingly."

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

There's an opportunity in your area!

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How Secure Are You Online!?
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Secure Yourself from Nature's Fury
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