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B$Z: Firewire Releases the V4 Model in Partnership with Daniel (Tomo) Thomson

June 25, 2013

Firewire Releases the V4 Model in Partnership with Daniel (Tomo) Thomson
Press Release from Firewire

Firewire is pleased to release the second board to come out of our joint efforts with Daniel Thomson of Tomo Surfboards: the high performance V4 model.

Daniel explains “the V4 is truly a modern day high performance shortboard.  The world’s best athletes can ride it in great waves but its incredibly versatile design makes it a great daily driver in any condition for a broad cross-section of surfers. I have designed and refined the V4 to further evolve performance surfing and I am psyched for more people to get this one under their feet.”

Incorporating the Modern Planing Hull (MPH) exhibited by the Vanguard, the V4 was born through Daniel's ongoing quest to gain more speed and stability in the modern short board without compromising responsiveness and directional control. The V4 maintains a considerably narrow, forward of center wide-point and straightened rail line to emphasize the classic 'Tomo post-modern Hydrofoil curve', and includes a 5/4/3 fin option.

In a variation of the Vanguard's hull, the V4’s bottom contours feature a double barrel concave through the center of the tail for lift and speed and small side bite channels were added off the rail for precise bite and control during turns.

The V4's clean outline, bottom contours and foil will provide excellent speed and lift in small surf yet will have incredible hold and control when the surf is overhead.

The V4 is currently delivering to retail in Firewire’s proven White Rapidfire technology in AUS and US markets. Additional markets to follow.

“Firewire believes that minor refinements to the shape of today’s modern surfboards can only produce incremental performance benefits.  Exponential improvements in performance require the ongoing development of new materials, construction methods and radical shape, which, in turn, will fuel new design success.  In addition, with the increased eco-consciousness of today’s consumer, Firewire is constantly refining our raw materials to decrease the environmental impact of our boards.  Currently our surfboards emit only 2% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that conventional polyurethane boards do throughout their lifespan.”

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