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GEAR: Icebug Introduces ArchFlex Insoles

August 12, 2013

Icebug™ Introduces ArchFlex Insoles™
Press Release from Icebug

In addition to entering the North American summer trail running market, Icebug Footwear officially debuted their line of ArchFlex Insoles at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market last month in Utah.

Designed by Ortolab AB, the leading Scandinavian orthopedics lab, Arch Flex Insoles work with the three arches of the foot to offer better balance and function in any footwear. This allows the muscles of the foot to properly work to grow stronger, without overworking the foot and while also providing stability and support.  

Every ArchFlex Insole is built on their proprietary, patented shape. .  The dynamic support means the natural movement of the arches is not blocked, instead they offer the proper amount of support throughout the entire gait, supporting the arches even when your full body weight is over the foot. . Both the ArchFlex Premier and the ArchFlex SlimSport are available in three different arch heights (low, medium and high) which allows for a more intimate fit to the foot, as opposed to the typical “one arch height fits all” style found in the majority of Insoles currently available on the market.

The ArchFlex footbeds are made with multi layered materials that are designed to add both support and comfort to the foot.

“We are happy to partner with Ortolab to be able to bring this level of technology to the North American marketplace, and to offer them alongside our Icebug footwear",” said Evan Wert, North American Director of Sales and Marketing for Icebug . “They’re designed to work seamlessly with any footwear, from trail runners to soccer cleats to dress shoes."

• ArchFlex Premier is the original ArchFlex insole offering 5mm of cushioning combined with their 360 degree support system to help the foot move more naturally with just the right amount of support.  They also use a Poliyou® foam layer for extra comfort and shock absorption.

• ArchFlex Slim™ is their newest offering and features 2mm of cushioning and the Arch Flex 360 degree support system. Designed for use in footwear where volume is an issue, such as running, sports or dress shoes.

Available in the USA and Canada in both ArchFlex Premier™ and ArchFlex Slim™ models. MSRP $44.95. Available at select specialty  stores. To find a store near you go to www.archflexsystem.comand click on “Stores”. 

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