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GEAR: Incipio® Announces Extensive Case Lineup for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

September 10, 2013

Incipio® Announces Extensive Case Lineup for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
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IRVINE, CA – September 10, 2013 – Incipio®, designer and manufacturer of award-winning mobile device accessories, unveiled a complete line of cutting-edge, protective case solutions for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C following Apple’s announcement earlier today. Incipio’s groundbreaking iPhone 5S cases and iPhone 5C cases showcase innovative solutions specially designed to enhance and protect the latest Apple devices, and will be available in the coming weeks online at and in select retail locations worldwide.

“Today’s announcement of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is a historic day for Apple and we are ecstatic to announce our best product lineup yet,” says Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive, Incipio®. “Our team here in Irvine is working tirelessly to deliver the largest, most complete product offering to complement, enhance and protect Apple’s new devices. Incipio has been providing award-winning mobile solutions for over 14 years and we are incredibly excited to share these new cases with our customers around the world.”

The entire lineup of products for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is constructed of durable, high-performance materials and includes a variety of bright colors and textures to complement the latest Apple devices. Product details include:

The PHENOM™ Case is engineered with three layers of armor to provide your device with superior, durable protection against extensive shock, wear and tear. Designed by gravity, the revolutionary co-molded case is extremely lightweight and forgiving, and includes a soft-touch finish for convenient portability. Featuring dLAST™ technology in the interior cushioning, the Phenom™ Case is given Incipio's Impact IQ™ standard of excellence for next-level shock absorption.

The [OVRMLD]® Case showcases Incipio’s revolutionary dual-injected design in one flexible, colorful form factor. The robust [OVRMLD]® Case is engineered with a raised Flex20 inner core to protect its soft touch finish from unpredictable scratches, dents and surface wear.

The Watson™ Folio Wallet is a multifunctional case designed with an eco-friendly vegan leather exterior and internal card slots for cash, credit and ID. Blending a microsuede lining with a removable hard shell snap-on case, the innovative Watson™ Wallet is crafted for convenient portability and can adapt to any situation, whether business, travel or a night out.

The STOWAWAY® Credit Card Case features a back compartment that can hold up to 3 credit cards, cash or ID. The fan favorite case is constructed with a Flex20 soft shell core that provides excellent shock absorption and iPhone protection. Incipio’s STOWAWAY® Case also offers a convenient built-in kickstand for hands-free media viewing.

The DualPro™, DualPro™ SHINE and DualPro™ CF Case is a sleek, functional mobile solution designed with two layers of defense for double the protection. The top-selling DualPro™ form factor is precision engineered with a soft-touch, shock absorbing inner dLAST™ core and lightweight, rigid Plextonium™ outer shell, working together to provide added device security. The DualPro™ SHINE Case offers a brushed aluminum style finish that is radio transparent, and the DualPro™ CF Case includes a carbon fiber-style finish for added polish.

The NGP® Impact Resistant Case is crafted with Incipio’s flexible Flex20 material and a smooth matte finish. Incipio’s tear resistant NGP® Case provides excellent shock absorption and remarkable durability, with an easy wrap around design and slim silhouette that is perfect for active, everyday use.

The Rowan™ Case is precision engineered with a semi-rigid, two-toned soft shell made of Incipio’s impact resistant Flex20 material. Sport the unique checkered design offered in a number of nautical-inspired color combinations.

The HYDE™ Case is a sophisticated take on the classic sleek, slim feather® silhouette. With a microsuede exterior and soft, padded interior, the HYDE™ Case safeguards the device against unwanted drops and dents while providing added texture and style.

The feather®, feather® SHINE, feather® CF and feather® Clear Case is an ultra-light solution that protects against unwanted scratches and dents while maintaining a sleek structure. Constructed from a rigid Plextonium™ frame, the feather® provides slim coverage at a thickness of just 1mm. The classic feather® silhouette comes in a variety of bright colorways, while the feather® SHINE is finished with a brushed aluminum style finish for added sophistication. The feather® CF Case features a carbon fiber-style finish for added polish, and the feather® Clear Case is the perfect choice for slim protection while still showing off the Apple device.

For a closer look at Incipio’s case collection for iPhone 5S, visit: For more information on Incipio’s case collection for iPhone 5C, visit:

To download high resolutions images of the Incipio® case collection for iPhone 5S, visit: To download high resolutions images of the Incipio® case collection for iPhone 5C, visit:

Incipio® will announce several more case designs for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in the coming weeks.

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