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VIDEO: The Inertia Releases Film on Surfrider Foundation's Battle for Beach Access

The Inertia Releases Film on Surfrider Foundation's Battle for Beach Access, Watch The Journey To Open Martin’s Beach
Press Release from Surfrider

It’s one thing to read about a hard fought battle, it’s another thing to watch it unfold. The Inertia is breathing new life into the story of Martin’s Beach by releasing “Martin’s 5: Battle For The Beach.” This eight-minute film highlights the Surfrider Foundation’s campaign to keep the beach open to the public for everyone’s enjoyment and use.

Beach access is a legal right that is often compromised by private property owners. At Martin’s Beach there is only one way in and one way out, and closing that once-open road to surfers and beachgoers is illegal.

“This beautiful crescent-shaped beach was previously open to the public before the new landowner illegally installed gates, prohibitive signage and guards at the site,” said Angela Howe, Surfrider Foundation’s Legal Director. “Surfrider Foundation will continue to fight for the legal right to access the navigable waters of the state.”

“Martin’s 5: Battle For The Beach” is told through the eyes of key players involved in this campaign including the five surfers that were arrested for trespassing and environmental activists with the Surfrider Foundation San Mateo County Chapter who have stood in protest.

“We wanted to provide a snapshot of one of the many ongoing beach access campaigns Surfrider is championing,” said Zach Weisberg, Co-Producer and Publisher at The Inertia. “We hope this film raises awareness for beach access issues nationwide and motivates people to make an impact by getting involved in that conversation.”

The charges against the five surfers for trespassing were dismissed, but it is still unclear whether the beach is open. What is clear is that the county isn’t going to prosecute people who cross that land to access the public beach. However, the gate at Martin’s Beach remains closed to visitors and lawsuits continue, including a suit by the Surfrider Foundation to enforce the Coastal Act’s beach access protections at Martin’s Beach.

The Surfrider Foundation serves as a critical voice of the public, for whom these precious coastal lands are held in trust, and needs your support more than ever.

Watch the film at and join the fight by logging on to

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