Industry News 10/17/2013

B$Z: Green Ice Wax is Proud to Introduce Nate Holland's N8 Biodegradable Wax

Green Ice Wax is proud to introduce Nate Holland’s N8 biodegradable wax.
Press release from BeneCera

October 17, 2013: BeneCera, manufacturer of Green Ice Wax, has endorsed Nate Holland and his N8 Biodegradable series of wax. With seven X Games gold medals Nate Holland has enough precious metal to build his drive way.Born and raised in northern Idaho, Holland developed a taste for adventure at a young age that carried him throughout his career. A snowboard cross specialist, Nate defines the sports chaotic style by going all-out in every race. The 2012 winter was no different for Holland, earning his seventh X Games gold, and two World Cup podiums before blowing out with a broken shoulder blade.

Environmentally friendly wax is made from renewable resources such as plant waxes and oils. It helps reduce the carbon footprint by no longer using solvent, plastisizers or any petroleum by-products. 

Quote from Nate Holland:  "I'm excited to be a part of Green Ice Wax.  As an environmentally minded snowboarder, it is a pleasure to introduce a fast, biodegradable, earth friendly wax to the world.  I can't wait to raise my board on the podium with Green Ice Wax shimmering on my base, knowing that I didn't leave any toxic residue on the mountain.”

Product Line Review

1. Rub on Wax: This wax is available in 30gram easy to apply cartridges. It is simple to apply, it only takes seconds. Just rub on the wax onto the ski/board, rub is with the supplied cork and buff with a rag.
2.  N8 is also available asan iron on wax, typically iron on last longer and perform better then rub on systems.  This system consists of three waxes for use in different snow conditions (based on snow temperature)

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