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Pick Me! A New Bi-Monthly Jobseeker Profile Series, Powered by Group Y

Pick Me!
A New Bi-Monthly Jobseeker Profile Series, Powered by
Group Y 

Want to be in the spotlight?  As the next generation of passionate thrillseekers enters the workforce of lifestyle-driven industries, we know there are some amazing job search stories out there that need to be shared...and we want to hear them from you! 

Pick Me! is amazing opportunity to be featured front and center on and Being featured in the Pick Me! column means you and your job hunt are featured on,, and through the companies' social channels. 

You will win a prize; giveaways include comped Skillshare classes and free entry to future Group Y events, like the ultra-popular Agenda Emerge, Mahfia Sessions or the ASC Action Sports + Culture Conference.

"The goal is to raise awareness to those seeking to enter our industries that both Group Y and Malakye are key resources for them to network and learn," said Mark Sperling, co-founder of Group Y.

Interested? To apply to be featured in a future Pick Me! spotlight profile, please email your responses to the questions below and send along a set of relevant photos, a few work samples to be included in the piece, your resume for reference and a brief explanation of why you feel you should be selected, to!

- What is your current occupation?
- What type of position are you pursuing?
- How is the job search going?
- What do you want the world to know about your search?
- What are some of your strengths?
- What is your dream job?
- What have you learned during your job search process?
- How are you going to celebrate when you land your next gig?

Malakye is a world-wide leader in employment, business, and news within lifestyle-driven industries based in Manhattan Beach, California.  We provide a platform to connect passion and profession in action sports, the outdoors, cycling, power sports, and beyond! 
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