Other 5/5/2014

Exposure: 5th Annual Skate for a Cause

50 pro and am skateboarders, a dozen sponsors and more than 2,000 fans joined Ryan Sheckler in Lake Forest on Saturday, May 3 for the Sheckler Foundation's Skate for a Cause event, presented by etnies.  Skateboarders in attendance included: Jamie Thomas, Sean Malto, Chris Cole, Tyler Bledsoe, Christian Hosoi, Manny Santiago, Fabrizio Santos, Greg Lutzka, Ryan DeCenzo, Alex Midler and many more.  The generous donations from everyone involved totaled $93,000 and will fund future "Be the Change" projects to help injured action sports athletes and children in need. Check out what went down at the 5th Annual Skate for a Cause!