Industry News 7/11/2014

GEAR: French Men's Luxury Swimwear Brand Launches in U.S. Market

French Men's Luxury Swimwear Brand Launches in U.S. Market
MACKEENE Partners with Kenwerks

Press Release from Kenwerks

Kenwerks proudly announces representation of men's luxury swimwear collection MACKEENE (, serving as the official marketing and public relations firm. The eight-year old company, founded by French brothers, Rodolphe and Harold Mackeene, features high-end swimshorts and polos that are designed for exceptional freedom of movement, as well as ultimate performance. MACKEENE's mission is to combine innovation, luxury and comfort; all inspired by an active and definitively chic St. Bart's lifestyle to a global audience.

Upon meeting Rodolphe, a professional kite surfer and purveyor of wanderlust, and his brother Harold, an artist and graphic designer in Paris, one is instantly transported to their life of high-design performance and stylish integrity. The St. Bart's born brothers joined their uniquely different passions to create a cohesive line of luxury swimshorts that fuses technology with function, and with three distinctive cuts for all varieties of the sophisticated and stylish, modern man. Leading the industry with their patented magnetic closure created for extreme sports, and combined with quality materials, craftsmanship and world-renowned French style, MACKEENE is the definition of form, function and fashion. The brand is currently sold at high-end swim and resort boutiques in France, as well as throughout Europe, Japan and the Caribbean.  Newly launched in the USA, the brand is exclusively available at

"This is a collection that can satisfy all the demands of elite athletes like Rodolphe Mackeene while attracting guys like me who are looking for a step up from the action sports look and need a refined point of view that speaks to our designer wardrobe. MACKEENE meets our demands while being focused on great style and comfort," remarks Kenwerks owner Ken Loo. "There's a great story to tell here...good looking brothers from totally different fields of expertise, entranced by color, function, style and an obsessive take on technology. We are honored and excited to introduce and propel this exciting new brand here in the United States."