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B$Z: Grenade Launches Skateboarding Program; Welcomes Szafranski

July 23, 2014

Grenade Launches Skateboarding Program; Welcomes Szafranski

Grenade Gloves, one of the most coveted brands in Snowboarding for nearly a decade, marks it’s official entrance into the world of skateboarding by welcoming pro powerhouse Braydon Szafranski to the international athlete team. Grenade will be added to the roster of sponsors for Braydon including his own brand Happy Hour Shades, Baker Skateboards, Supra, and Indy Trucks. Grenade Gloves founder Danny Kass has had a long standing love for skate and all things anti-establishment, and the collaboration between the two legendary pro athletes who love to push boundaries is primed to shake up the divide between the snowboarding and skateboarding industries.

“As a company Grenade was founded in Skate and Snow”, said Danny, “we’ve always been avid skateboarders and built skate missions into our tours and in past shows. We’ve supported up and comers like our friend Tom Ryen for years, it was time to make it official.”

Action Sports brands sponsor athletes in both industries but typically keep them divided in their respective boxes. Grenade will be the first to launch into skate with a credible and badass vibe that has long been a part of the Grenade Gloves culture. Keeping true to their roots and building a skate team with the best and brightest. Taking the snow to the streets. 

“Snow and skate have always connected as one, and you can’t tell me some of the baddest skaters all don’t want to go and snowboard in the winter. It’s something that was supposed to happen a while ago.” said Braydon. "So our NYC homie and famous artist Haculla, started this project EYES for Grenade Skate, and we are excited to drop it."

Check out video footage of Braydon here, and head over to this link to read an interview with him.