Industry News 7/26/2014



July 4th

Once again, The Ironman was awesome to see. It is inspiring how much spirit there is around the 4th in the Southbay. God Bless America! These prints are available upon request, we will also be making them into a set of coasters!


A Great White Summer

What a start to the summer. I caught some awesome drone footage of a juvenile great white shark and still can not believe the amount of attention it got. I was lucky that this happened right when a huge piece of legislation was passed allowing the use of these devices all throughout the US. Drones and other methods of aerial photography are gaining a ton of popularity and Im excited to be at the front of the movement. Check out the most recent footage here on youtube.



We Got The Cup!

2nd times a charm.

Check out the timelapse video we did of the installation on the top of the pier

Bo spent a couple weeks shooting in perhaps his favorite location, Fiji. The crew traveled from surf break to surf break and had the privilege of exploring one of most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The locals even invited them in for a nice sunday mass! He was able to capture a few limited edition shots to add to his portfolio...

Check out the video "
Should Have Been Here Yesterday"
Matt Barnes
Bo was hired by help Matt Barnes restore his image damaged by physical play.. to our surprise, Matt was a great guy! Which proves that even the toughest guys in any sport can be harmless after the whistle blows. Check out the article here!


We took a few trips over to Catalina Island to learn the lay of the land. We are excited to announce that we are planning some Photo Workshops/Excursions and Catalina will be the first site. Contact if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot!


The World Cup
It was great to see some close friends get worldwide praise throughout the past couple months. It was especially cool to see Manhattan Beach resident Omar Gonzalez holding down the fort for the USA.

Aerials of a South Bay Summer!

Underwater Beauties
Bo was provided with one of the first camera water housings that can transmit signal to strobes while submerged underwater. To test it out we rounded up a few models plus World Champion Paddle Boarder Slater Trout and headed to the nearest pool. 



No project is too big or too small. We can do it all! We have interior design professionals ready at all times to help and give you advice on Bo Bridges work. If you have an open wall you would like to fill, submit pictures of the wall to and we will send you some mock up recomendations!