Industry News 7/28/2014

B$Z: VonZipper Launches Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild Collection

VonZipper Launches Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild Collection

VonZipper has created the Freethinkers Conspiracy Guild (FCG) eyewear collection as a toast to those individuals bold enough to form their own opinions and have more fun than ought to be legal.  Forward thinking and more contemporary than ordinary, these six new frames that were styled independent of any logical fallacies are available today at finer retailers and on

Designed as a challenge to the direction of eyewear and styled without the limitations of authority, conformity or conventional wisdom of popular culture, the summer 2014 FCG collection is inspired by classic Americana eyewear.

The fundamental premise of the FCG is that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible.  The Guild applauds those who question and challenge national myths, strive to be above the chains of mediocrity and seek the greater forms of life’s indulgences.  A Society of individuals, Freethinkers opinions are formed on the basis of an understanding and rejection of tradition, authority or established belief proposed by the trappings of common acceptance.  

Interact with the FCG with this hashtag: #VonZipperFCG

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