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B$Z: Dispatch Wins Dainese Winter Sports and Bicycle Categories

September 8, 2014

Dispatch to Support Dainese Winter Sports and Bicycle Categories

As part of the growth plan for its winter sports and bicycle categories in the North American market, Dainese USA today announced that it has extended the services of its communications agency, Dispatch Communications, to now support these categories. Dispatch currently supports the Dainese and AGV brands in the U.S. motorcycle industry and the agency is already well established in the winter sports and bicycle industries.

“Dispatch will help us with its connections and expertise in action sports as a whole.  We’ve already experienced success with the Dispatch team and we are confident that they will help move the needle for us also in Bike and Winter Sport categories,” said Dan Walczewski, Director of Sales for Dainese USA. “Industry outreach and exposure to retailers and potential customers in both Winter Sports and Bike markets is critically important to Dainese and Dispatch allows us to communicate with them in a way we haven’t done before.”

Dispatch will extend its comprehensive public-relations services and support for Dainese’s various marketing efforts and key initiatives within its Winter Sports and Bike categories. The agency will execute a strategic marketing and public relations program including media relations efforts with North American media and support Dainese USA’s marketing efforts, including content development and digital marketing.

“We’re thrilled to grow beyond our work for Dainese in the motorcycle industry to add some horsepower to the company’s growth into North American winter sports and bicycle industries,” said Eric Doyne, Dispatch founder. “The brand has a unique, established position in each market, and we look forward to sharing the exciting news and product stories planned for the future.”