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B$Z: SIMA Adopts Swipe4TheKids Merchant Platform

SIMA Adopts Swipe4TheKids Merchant Platform

Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) has recently adopted the Swipe4TheKids Merchant Platform to enhance the broad range funding efforts encompassed by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund.

The SIMA Humanitarian Fund monetarily supports a variety of surf-related humanitarian organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life, health and/or welfare of people. In addition to the overwhelming support that the SIMA Humanitarian Fund currently receives, this new alignment with Swipe4TheKids enables those same supporters to enhance their total dollar contributions in support of the SIMA Humanitarian Fund beneficiaries, with no additional donations or cost, and little effort.

“Before we were introduced to Swipe4TheKids, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund looked at several options for incorporating a sustainable funding source,” Stated Sean Smith, SIMA Executive Director.  “After being courted by their group, including some familiar faces and legitimate ties to Action Sports, we decided to take a serious look and vet the program. We are glad we did and are excited about this new relationship. We have high hopes that others will follow,” Smith adds.

As a whole, the Action Sports Industry has a powerful presence and impact in society, and when its energy and passion are focused in a harmonious and cooperative manner - in conjunction with SIMA’s vision - positive results happen. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund has proven this through uniting surf industry brands, retailers, athletes, and consumers during StokesMe September. Adopting Swipe4TheKids will only further amplify this initiative.

Visit for a complete list of SIMA Humanitarian Fund beneficiaries and for ways to get involved this year.

About SIMA
The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) is the official working trade association of more than 300 surf industry suppliers. Founded in 1989, SIMA is a non-profit organization that serves to promote awareness of the surf industry and participation in the sport of surfing through public relations efforts and a variety of services, educational programs and research. In addition, SIMA actively supports oceanic environmental efforts through its 501(c)(3) charitable environmental foundation, the SIMA Environmental Fund. In the past 24 years, SIMA's Environmental Fund has raised more than $6.5 million for environmental groups seeking to protect the world's oceans, beaches and waves. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund, also a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, was established in to award grants to various surf or boardsport related social and humanitarian non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on improving the quality of life, health and/or welfare of people. Since 2004 the SIMA Humanitarian Fund has raised and donated more than $1.6 million to surf-related non-profit organizations. For more information regarding SIMA, please visit

About Swipe4TheKids
Swipe4TheKids provides sustainable funding for youth related programs and humanitarian efforts. At no cost, see how your existing business expense can become a real community benefit. Request more info at:
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