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Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

June 24, 2010


E&I: Making the Most of Networking Opportunities

group y action sports conference

First, a blatant plug.  BBPR is once again working with group Y on the Action Sports Conference.  We’ll be helping them with copy as well as reaching out to media (shred, non-endemic, social, the works) on what’s going to take place and the value it has to marketers who attend.

Do you go to networking events?  I do when I can, which is rare because I’m <<insert excuse here>>.  However, I’ve heard some people don’t like them, for various reasons….. some justified, some not so much.  Since I’m a man who has made millions a few mistakes in my incredibly fulfilling enviable varied career, here’s some advice if you’re new to the networking scene or are thinking of giving the group Y Action Sports Conference a shot.

1. Show early.  It’ll be easier to get settled, mingle, etc.  Seriously.  It’s not cool to stagger in late anymore.  Actually, it was never cool.

2. Act like you give a shit. Smile.  No one is going to want to talk to you if you look like your boss made you go.

3. Sit next to people you don’t already know.  I love bro’ing down… wait, no I don’t.  You may though.  Regardless, try to meet someone new.  Unless you work at another PR agency… then please don’t bother attending.  This event is closed to all other PR agencies.

4. Listen. Put the Blackberry and iPad down.

5. Be open minded about the people you meet.  That guy you met from the Faber Castle pencil company may not seem like a great connection now… but later you’ll find out his brother-in-law is launching a new energy drink and looking for brands to throw sponsorship dollars at.  Or maybe he’s got an interesting marketing story to share… one of the biggest values we bring to our clients in action sports is that we’ve worked with a lot of brands outside the arena.  Lots of key learnings regarding battery and vacuum marketing that actually do translate to the action sports world.

That’s it.  Basic stuff, but they’re good things to keep in mind.  Unless you work for another PR agency… in which case, you’re not invited to the party.

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