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World Expo 2010 Shanghai

June 29, 2010

Mike Fischer

E&I: World Expo 2010 Shanghai


OK, got here after the entrance gates have closed for the night, but the Expo was open for another two hours.  First task, getting by 3 Chinese police officers that don’t speak English.  Hmm…. pleading? bribing? offering one of the designers that was with us?  I’ll just try and reason with them in English, that should work.


Success!!!!  We’re in, even past another guarded entrance, blending through the masses leaving we were able to get in. Ha!
The China Pavilion was by far the largest, and most popular exhibit to visit.  Hard to really grasp how big it was in real life.  Ever seen the show “V”?


The Wold Expo building, which will stay after this is over, and the Nepal Pavilion off to the right, which will not.


Taiwan Pavilion


The shear magnitude of these grounds was staggering


Australia staying true to their Country’s brand image


Portugal pavilion made from native cork


UK with the infamous spike seed Pavillion.  Learn more here about this amazing structure


Argentina with their priorities intact.  World Cup all the way


USA Building looking very corporate style


Oh Canada, must you really show us up like this?

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