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Plotting Points on the Social Graph

June 29, 2010

E&I: Plotting Points on the Social Graph

What has fascinated me most about social media development is that it has changed everything in such a short time span. It’s creating jobs like “community managers,” a hot career opportunity right now. A year ago, there was no such thing as a Twitter jockey.

A social media strategy in some way, shape, or form just really isn’t an option. You kind of don’t have a choice these days, for the most part…Look at what PepsiCo has decided to do in the last year with regards to social media. They’ve made a concerted effort to understand social graphs.What they’ve done with Gatorade’s Mission Control & the Pepsi Refresh Project are great case studies in where the company see’s things moving forward…and you better believe the urban youth market is front in center in these efforts. All these tools allow for analytic measurement to take place.


Social media is the crucial tool for communicating and engaging with the urban youth, in particular the bilingual/bicultural, segment. You truly can manage the flow of information to produce a means of engagement that trends towards a singular brand voice based on a global perspective. That means tapping into your international markets and re-purposing content produced within them. Let’s call it the ‘crossover point‘…


Gregory Backpacks has realized the power of in-language marketing

“As Gregory grows in different markets around the world, and as consumers continue to become more web-centric in how they gather information about companies they support and products they buy, it’s paramount to make it easy to learn about Gregory in different languages via sites with information tailored by market”

Definitely seeing this possibility in snowboarding right now…

I captured the natural integration of multilingual marketing this week while following the Vanssnow Twitter feed. I’m  constantly on the look out for snowboard content in Spanish, and/or Portuguese. Simply because it allows me to look at the lifestyle through a different lens. So it was interesting when I saw the feed include Spanish tweets from Vans_Chile. It wasn’t forced, felt and looked just right…


The urban youth market is driving mobile internet adoption right now. Therefore, you an start to see how easy it is for a sound social media strategy to reach emerging markets right now…People are out there right now seeking what the shortest day in the southern Hemisphere was like on the mountain.

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