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January 15, 2011

July 8, 2010

The great thing about living in L.A. is that it’s never just one thing. The people, places, food, personalities, attitudes, inspirations and talent come from all over the world. I’m sure you’ll find a little bit of where you’re from here.

If you’ve read this little mash up of mine, you probably already know that one of the most important aspects of what I like to do is storytelling. I’m more of a student when it comes to this so whenever I can learn from seasoned pro’s, it's something I can’t miss out on or miss sharing with y’all.

My old friends, Alex and Dan, shot an e-mail to me and passionately told me they just completed an incredible project. (A and D run a creative firm called Gama Function. Having gone back over 20 years during the best times of street skating and freestyle snowboarding, they’ve continued to do many other cool things as well. Don’t sleep- check em’ out.) The project I’m referring to is a new form of journalism, the essence of storytelling, called Slake.


Slake Media is run by no other than Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa. (You may recognize their names from the nation’s largest alternative publication, the L.A. WEEKLY.) I met Joe in the 90’s while he was running Bikini Mag (way beyond its time) and recall his uncanny outlook on things. That was yesterday and today they're on a new journey to bring us something we haven’t had in a minute. Capturing moments in time with a curated group of artists, writers, photographers and creatives into a story that can be kept forever. Instead of talking about it check out some snippets and then check out the site to see where you can cop yours.

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