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Dainty Hooligan: So Much Candy

August 25, 2010

Dainty with a slight kick of Hooligan

Congratulations… you have officially made it through this Monday…

The rest of the week is now cake.

Simple, yet yes.

She looks amazing here!

This looks like the breakfast I should’ve had this morning.
I’m claiming re-do Sunday.

Dainty with a slight kick of hooligan

This is Not A Brothel

Let’s just be clear on this.

Couldn’t resist, I deal with these little guys all day.

Probably THE coolest cat mark… period.

Is it weird that this kind of scares me?

God I love that show

Diamonds Are Forever

Yeah that’s fine.
I’m sure you wake up and just ooze radness everyday too.
Just fine.

Kind of need that jacket in my life as soon as possible.

pantones pantones pantones
that’s all I see

Rosie looks amazing here.

So true.. so true…

Absolutely STUNNING!

Uh… seriously?
Face jewelry to make you look…ugly?
Think I’m gonna pass…

Ok really?
So you just confirmed that you have no fashion sense,
and you are a puppet of the fashion world.

On blast…

Oh Phoenix…