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Photo Break with Chip Kalback

November 17, 2011

November 2011

It seems like the slow pace of summer morphs into fall almost overnight; leaves start dropping, holiday travel plans are booked, and pumpkin spiced ales are consumed at a fair pace. Having already started shooting winter related work, this first newsletter of mine is a bit overdue, so let me rewind a bit..

As always, summer seemed to slip by faster than any other season of the year. I spent some time with my girlfriend and her family in Bar Harbor, Maine shooting some rock climbing, mixed in with some biking around Acadia National Park and coconut ice cream.













Throughout the summer and into the fall I’ve had access to some amazing live concerts, shooting them for Denver’s Westword newspaper, with some of my favorite photos coming from Wynton Marsalis, Slightly Stoopid, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, Matt & Kim, and Odd Future.

Having never photographed fly fishing before, it was fun to see Brooklyn-based This Is Fly magazine use my photos for a feature story on fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park, with words written by my good friend and pictured fisherman, Mark Rauschenberger. They gave me full creative freedom on the shoot, and it was great to collaborate with them on this idea. I hope to work with them again soon on some more destination-based projects. 


With the 2012 presidential campaign season well under way, President Obama has visited Denver twice within the last two months. It’s been interesting seeing the shift in enthusiasm for him as our President between his visit in September regarding his jobs bill, versus his most recent visit in October regarding student loans. Photographing the President is fairly unique for me given that I usually focus on lifestyle sports, music, and commercial work, but it’s been a treat seeing him speak as well as having the opportunity to document history as it’s being made.


With Halloween having just passed, Denver barely made it out alive in an estimated 7,300 person zombie crawl along the main shopping strip in the middle of the city. 


With the ski season having finally arrived, my work from last season has started to show up in some publications. Last spring I was given the opportunity to photograph the Red Bull Cold Rush for Freeskiermagazine. The Cold Rush is a three day, invite only event, broken down into various categories; big mountain lines on the first day, slopestyle on the second day, and cliffs on the third. As pro skier Grete Eliassen puts it, “this is the event of the year.” Click HERE to go big.


My first ad of the ski season also just came out in Eastern Surf magazine, featuring athlete Chris Hagerty for Rhythm Clothing. I shot with Chris at a private park shoot with SixEleven Productions last spring at Keystone Mountain in Colorado. We didn’t get to shoot together for very long; maybe 20 minutes at most. After he was done hitting jumps I grabbed a quick portrait of him before he took off down the hill, and that was that.

Thanks very much for taking the time to check out my latest work-

Chip Kalback