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Bo Bridges - Photo Break

March 29, 2012

Bo Bridges - Photo Break 




North Shore was calling.  Bo and the family went over to Oahu for a little fun in the sun.  Bo had a few photo shoots to take care of but wanted to get some new water shots for the gallery.  The surf was perfect every day and this led to some amazingly sore arms from paddling and a few good bounces on the reef.  Bo will be showcasing his new work at the galley starting with the kick off party for SurfFest teaming up with B4BC on April 5th.  Please stop by anytime after that and take a look at all the new images.


Bo's favorite spot to stay on Oahu is on Sunset Point at a spot called Backyards.  There's perfect waves, but don't let the beauty trick you, the coral reef is super shallow from the paddle out to the take off spots.  These images were taken late evening as one swell moved out and a larger swell was pulsing in.  Perfect offshore breezes made for some moody images.  He is printing all of the B&W and sepia Backyard images on Bamboo wood.  These will also be showcased early April at the gallery.


Back from Hawaii for less than 24 hours and Bo was off with his R/C heli to shoot with Bryce Menzies, TORC series Pro 2 Champion, and San Francisco Giants star Tim Lincecum in Phoenix, Arizona at the Firebird Raceway.  Menzies ripped around his 800 horespower Trophy Truck with Lincecum in the passenger seat. But then it was Tim's turn to drive and he took control of the truck without missing a beat.  Check out this killer video of the two sliding, jumping and leaping off the ground.  Push the play icon above on the image of Lincecum.


Off to North Lake Tahoe to shoot the final stop of the Rahlves Banzai Tour at Sugarbowl.   Bo took his R/C heli and shot in 30-40 mph winds, while Daron and other skiers and boarders flew beneath his hexacopter in head-to-head action.  The course featured all-natural terrain and snow, and was difficult to navigate at slow speeds!!!  Cliffs, jumps, chutes, and moguls were recognized as blurry obstacles as four riders went as fast as they could top to bottom trying to reach the finish line first.   Check out the highlights in the video attached by clicking on the play icon. 


When its too windy to walk on the beach and sand is coming over the boardwalk you have to get in the water.  Bo went out with John Sedberry and caught him sliding across the rippled sand and cruising over the whitewater in winds that rarely hit Hermosa.  The gusts were so great that a few of the local lifeguards came to greet them before they could even get in the water.  After a quick discussion about safety the lifeguards let them run.


Back to cover more of Red Bulls Signature Series on NBC the next stop was Sunday River, Maine.   Global warming was in full affect apparently.  Bo and his crew were welcomed with 85 degree plus weather throughout New England.  They drove from Boston up the coast and stopped at a summer hot spot called Old Orchard Beach.  It was senior skip day and all the high schoolers were out enjoying the wild weather and even trying to swim in the frigid Atlantic waters.  Check local listings to watch the Signature Series on NBC.


Shooting from the hip with his Ipad.  A few quick shots while touring the streets of Boston.



We offer a wide range of custom art installations and fine art pieces. You can stop by Bo's gallery and visit the 3000 sqft. space or shop online. Please let us know if you have any questions. Keep an eye out for Bo's new showroom due to open next month in Manhattan Beach, CA.