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B$Z: LeMond Bicycles Launches Modern Steel Road Bike

September 18, 2014

LeMond Bicycles returns to its roots with the launch of the new Washoe steel road bicycle.

The Washoe features custom butted size-specific Reynolds 853 steel tubing, an Enve carbon fork and can be equipped with either mechanical or electronic drivetrains. The Washoe is available as a frame kit or as a truly customizable complete bicycle. All bicycles are professionally assembled, tuned and delivered to the customer, ready to ride. 

“The team is excited about the launch of our new Washoe bike and the customization that we offer,” said Bryan Melton, President of LeMond. “You can select and upgrade different parts of the build allowing you the ability to personalize every aspect of the bicycle. Our customers can even express themselves by creating their own color scheme through the new LeMond Custom Paint Shop option.” All Washoe models are handmade and hand painted in the USA. 

The Washoe is named after an American Indian tribe that had an encampment on the LeMond family property in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is where Greg LeMond grew up and began riding.

“The Washoe project offers a made in the USA frame that showcases our vision of a modern steel platform,” Greg LeMond explains. “We are not wed to any one material. To be honest, with all the traveling I do, I wanted a bike that was durable without sacrificing ride quality or performance. The Washoe provides one of the smoothest and most responsive rides that I have ridden at a weight that is competitive with similarly priced carbon models.”

LeMond Bicycles continues to grow its bicycle line and increase the number of available products at During the month of July, LeMond was busy with his role as cycling ambassador for the Eurosport television network. His show, LeMond on Tour, bolstered Eurosport's coverage with more than 50 million viewers across the network.

“I prefer starting with a clean slate and challenging conventional thinking. I want to create meaningful products that positively impact the people that use them,” Greg explained. “We are just getting started here at LeMond.”

About LeMond Bicycles:
LeMond Bicycles was started by Greg LeMond in 1986 and became the first American bicycle company to win the Tour de France. LeMond Bicycles has grown to become one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Greg LeMond took back ownership of the company in 2013. Based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, the company sells its line of bicycles, Revolution bicycle trainers, soft goods, parts and accessories worldwide at