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B$Z: Athletepath Unveils Social Network for Athletes to Enhance Community Connectedness

October 15, 2014

Athletepath this month is launching the only social network for athletes aimed at connecting individuals through memorable event experiences and training, immediately expanding the meaning and influence of community. The Athletepath team encourages discovery and participation in events by allowing friends and fans alike to follow along from the first day of training all the way to the finish line and beyond. A key partnership with the pioneer of connected training, MapMyFitness, enables users to fully optimize their athlete experience by enhancing ties between training and the racers’ journeys.

“At Athletepath we believe that friends propel us forward on each of our athletic journeys, and those who share their motivation with a network of friends are more likely to achieve their goals and to inspire others,” said Athletepath Founder and CEO David Embree. “This is why we created Athletepath - the first and only social network for athletes that helps them tell stories that shape their athletic journey while including friends in every step along the way.”

Several training-specific applications exist, but Athletepath is the only platform to unite individuals around events. Through stories about goal setting, training, photo sharing and race reports, Athletepath connects people so they may engage with one another’s athletic journey in order to grasp the complete experience.

Athletepath’s partnership with MapMyFitness further enhances athletes’ overall experience. Earlier, there was a void between connecting event experiences and training data, but now Athletepath users are able to sync their event plans and their training insights from MapMyFitness. Further engage with friends and fans as you able to share both training data and training experiences due to this Athletepath and MapMyFitness connection.  

“Our partnership with Athlete path solves a big pain-point for athletes while dramatically improving the social activity of endurance sports,” said MapMyFitness Director of Business Development, Brian Pitstick. “Athletepath is helping people connect their MapMyFitness training activity to the event stories from Athletepath in a way that helps them view progress, share motivation and engage with training buddies throughout the year.”

Athletepath is devoted to bringing you closer to the community and encourages individuals to share not only the race results but more importantly, the experiences and lessons learned along the journey. The ability to pair these stories from Athletepath and the training data from MapMyFitness brings the community full circle and urges the individual to seek out friends and fans to share racing experiences and to celebrate each other’s personal achievements.