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B$Z: Bern Joins The Bike Cooperative

November 13, 2014

Bern Unlimited has joined The Bike Cooperative as a supplier partner of the retailer-owned co-op.  With the addition of the independent, Massachusetts-based helmet manufacturer, members of The Bike Co-op will now earn rebates on their purchases of Bern-branded bike, snow, skate and water sports helmets. 

Bern U.S. sales manager Jen Thorn said, "Bern Unlimited is happy to enter into a partnership with The Bike Co-op and its network of high-quality retailers.  Some dealers have worked with Bern in the past and we look forward to starting those relationships up again on new and improved footing.  Bern has continued to evolve its products, operations and staff to the point where we feel we are poised to continue to grow and just kill it in the bike market.  We are excited to work with The Bike Co-op’s dealers to help make this happen, so that we can all grow our businesses together.” 

Bike Co-op director of supplier relations Nat McAllister added, “Bike Co-op members are ecstatic to be working closer with Bern!  Dennis Leedom has been a pioneer in helmet development for 25 years, a true innovator in the action sports industry.  With new lower profile designs, excellent fit, and completely unique styles coupled with their all-season versatility, Bern helmets resonate deeply with riding enthusiasts, who seek out dealers that stock their products.  Co-op members will enjoy a great partnership working with Bern and should expect increased year-round helmet sales with the authentic Bern style that their customers are looking for.”