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B$Z: First New Snurfers in Decades Begin Shipping

November 19, 2014

After an absence of almost three decades, the first new Snurfers  ( have begun shipping to customers. These boards, along with the first 500 of each model, will be hand numbered for added collectability.  With snow showing up in backyards across the northern US, the timing couldn’t be better.

Balance Designs Inc., makers of the VewDo Balance Boards ( recently announced the return of the iconic Snurfer brand.  Snurfer debuted in 1965, created by the now 83-year-old Sherman Poppen, and remained on the market for around 10 years and sold over one million units. The Snurfer, basically a wooden surfboard for snow with a rope tied to the nose for steering, eventually spawned an entire cultural phenomenon: snowboarding. Much of the Snurfers’ appeal lies in its versatility as a product, perfect for anyone with a love of snow, skill, speed and fun.

The initial Snurfer product line includes two models: The Classic, an authentic replica of the original, available in Rocket Red or Sun Burst Yellow; and the Nomad, a contemporary version suitable for a greater variety of snow conditions and skill levels. In addition, t-shirts and other accessories are available. Products can be purchased at, and through select sporting outlets.