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B$Z: Vote for Pet Friendly Yoga Pants on BetaBrand

December 4, 2014

Abbie Durkee explains her Think Tank concept:

I love my furry friends. I love wearing black yoga pants too. But the two just don't blend so well as most comfy stretchy fabrics seem to be a fur magnet, leaving us constantly searching for a piece of tape to become presentable to human contact.

On my quest to make the best products possible, I found it! The perfect fabric that does not collect, attract or anchor pet hair! So cozy up with your feline friend, do downward dog with your canine buddy, and still be presentable for human interactions!

Bonus: I am a fanatic about fit and flattery so the design is awesome too! Not only are they comfy and stay in place (like you need them to do when your going full out yogi style but they work great in layers to mix up our cooler weather skirt looks.

Like what you see? VOTE HERE to get these pet friendly yoga pants into production!