Industry News 12/18/2014

B$Z: Take a Tour of Afghanistan's Newest Safe Space | Keep Skateistan Rolling

Update: Over $33,040 Raised so Far!

Afghan girls skating an outdoor skatepark for the 1st time - Skateistan

"Wait until the grass comes in for playing games, the trees grow to provide an escape from the Afghan sun, and the outdoor classroom is full of curious students learning.”
- Chris Ray, Designer of Afghanistan's 1st Outdoor Skate Plaza

We are proud to announce that we have raised over $33,040, more than 55% of our $60,000 fundraising goal for December! We would like to thank everyone who has participated so far in the Keep Skateistan Rolling drive. Your support means we can continue to provide educational programs and safe spaces for disadvantaged kids to play and learn.

For the first time ever, the girls and boys of Afghanistan now have an outdoor skateboarding plaza to call their own. Thanks to generous support from the German Federal Foreign Office and a number of individual donors – people just like yourselves – Skateistan was recently able to complete the outdoor skate plaza in the courtyard of its Mazar-e-Sharif facility. Officially opened on October 24, the outdoor space features pathways with skatepark obstacles, an outdoor classroom, trees for shade, grass areas for outdoor sports, gardens and a greenhouse. ?This is extremely special in Afghanistan, where opportunities to safely skateboard outside have been rare, especially for our female students.


NEW VIDEO! Take a tour of Skateistan Mazar

screenshot of Skateistan Mazar tour video

Be the first to get an inside look at the incredible Skateistan school in Mazar-e-Sharif, built in 2013. This facility is truly unique in Afghanistan, where safe spaces for children are exceptionally rare... And a place – just for kids – with skateparks, classrooms, and a climbing wall? Unthinkable.

Until now!

Why Safe Spaces?

? For over 30 years Afghan children have been affected by conflict. Over 20% of children work, often in the streets, in order to provide for themselves and their families. UNICEF identifies Afghanistan as the “worst place to be born in the world.

? In South Africa there are extremely high-levels of gender-based violence and female youth are 3.5 times more likely to be HIV positive than their male counterparts.

? In Cambodia 1/3 of children aged 5-17 are engaged in child labour, vulnerable to trafficking and prostitution. Road traffic accidents are the 2nd largest cause of injury and death for children. Having space to play, away from the streets, is essential for children’s safety and positive development.


How You Can Help

The best way you can help Keep Skateistan Rolling  Keep Skateistan Rolling is by making a donation. Become a monthly donor and you can even win a sweet prize pack!

Want to donate but can’t afford it today? By telling your friends about us or organizing a fundraiser you are making a huge contribution to the Keep Skateistan Rolling drive.

THANK YOU for supporting Skateistan. It means the world to a lot of little people.