Industry News 1/8/2015

B$Z: New Dagger Roam SOT Blurs Lines Between Flat-Water and Moving Water Performance

Dagger®, the premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance whitewater and adventure recreation kayaks, launches the Roam, a cross performance sit-on-top kayak for today’s outdoor enthusiast. The Roam delivers an innovative package of unprecedented maneuverability, solid tracking and predictable stability, combined with thoughtfully-designed, ergonomic outfitting and ample storage space.

Dagger recognizes that today’s outdoor enthusiasts need a boat that broadens the on-the-water possibilities without compromising performance,” says Jessica Prescott, Dagger’s marketing manager. “The Roam not only satisfies this demand, but offers a boat with rounded utility for multi-sport athletes.”

The Roam, which features new Contour Surround seat system, reengineered outfitting and multiple storage options, is designed to be comfortable, maneuverable and versatile. The Contour Surround seat system cradles the body with fore and aft seat back adjustment, complemented by side bolsters that are comfort-inspired from whitewater hip pads. The outfitting features ergonomic thigh straps, which, when combined with the boat’s leg lifter, allow more connection with the kayak for quick responsiveness. Ample storage options include two deck hatches, multiple lashing points and a mesh tank well storage bag with a zippered sealed enclosure. The thigh strap can also be attached to the mesh bag, converting it to a courier-style daypack for hiking.

A confidence-inspiring hull design is powered by a forgiving yet aggressive mold similar to Dagger’s popular Axis crossover boat. The boat’s spring-loaded adjustable skeg allows for steady tracking in flat water, and a water-shedding trim boosts buoyancy in whitewater.