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B$Z: Innate Shovels Support for the Conservation Alliance with Essential Travel Spoons

January 14, 2015

After a frenzied round of mold-breaking design, Innate is proud to debut something entirely new. Something so groundbreaking that it will change the face of the outdoor industry as we know it.

Enter the Innate Essential Travel Spoon.

“When the Innate design team came to me with the Essential Travel Spoon, I didn’t really know what to think,” said Innate Marketing Coordinator Michelle Baynton. “I mean, look at it. It’s a spoon. What could possibly be so special about a spoon?”

As it turns out, quite a lot.

According to Innate’s Design Director Erin McGann, the Innate Essential Travel Spoon “pays homage to dirtbag roadtrips where a single spoon is expected to do everything, including clean out the designated road cup before an after-meal beverage. We designed a shape with the superb hand and mouth feel of high-end flatware, while the first-of-its-kind silicone edge allows you to scrape that last little bit of oatmeal out of your camp cup before coffee.”

But Innate soon realized that with great spoon comes great responsibility.

“It isn’t enough to just create a great product,” states Innate’s VP of Sales Robyn Gibson. “The Essential Travel Spoon is a well-crafted design for active lives, but it’s important to put a message behind your message. That’s why we decided to put our spoon, or tongue, firmly in our cheeks to do a fundraiser with the Conservation Alliance.”

Teaming up with the Conservation Alliance for OR Winter Market, Innate has created the #itsjustaspoon photo station. Stop by the Innate booth (#157) on Jan 23rd or Jan 24th after 4pm, purchase an Innate Essential Travel Spoon and have your American Gothic picture taken at the Innate #itsjustaspoon photo station. All proceeds from your spoon purchase will be donated to the Conservation Alliance.

And remember, it’s just a spoon.

Innate Essential Travel Spoon:

A spoon is an essential? We’ve discovered this to be the case on many a road trip. Stepping off the grid for restorative days of camping bliss means that you need a few necessities. Designed with the superb hand and mouth feel of high-end flatware, combined with a first-of-its-kind silicone edge for scraping up that last bit of goodness, the Innate Essential Travel Spoon is the lightweight, durable solution for all of your adventures.

About Innate:
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Innate creates clean design for active lives in keeping with their design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener. To learn more about Innate, visit:, or contact them at: