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B$Z: K2’s New Freeride Skis are Ready to Rip

January 19, 2015

K2 Skis, purveyors of serious fun, expands the brand new K2 Konic and Channel Light Core technologies into the new men’s Pinnacle and women’s Luv freeride skis. By using the E3 (Energy Efficient Engineering) design philosophy, K2 optimizes the materials used in the construction of its skis to create two new and distinct collections of hard-charging, soft snow focused planks. 

Built upon the same K2 Konic technology found in the men’s All-Mountain collection, the new Pinnacle 95, 105 and 118 (Seth Morrison’s pro-model) make up this aggressive line of freeride machines. The stalwart of the line, the Pinnacle 95, takes advantage of a new Nanolite K2 Konic Core, a lightweight, low density, aerospace grade composite that runs through the center of the ski for added ease and reduced swing weight. The Nanolite core is reinforced with denser wood and powerful metal along the perimeter of the ski, so skiers can confidently handle all conditions and terrain. This combination is serious where you need it and fun where you want it, so skiers exert less energy driving their skis. The versatile All-Terrain Rocker profile works with the refined tip and tail taper to provide rock solid stability on firm snow and plenty of floatation in powder. The Pinnacle 95 is a jack-of-all-trades for the freerider who is in search of serious fun.

Pinnacle 95
Dimensions: 132/95/115
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 170, 177, 184, 191
Radius: 17m @184 

The Women’s K2 Ski Alliance-inspired Luv freeride skis utilize the new Channel Light Core technology, a grooved core that maximizes the nature of K2’s Bioflex core, a blend of aspen, paulownia and bamboo, for reduced swing weight and overall added ease and control. The fall-line focused, hard-charging FulLuvit 98Ti blends a metal laminate with K2’s classic triaxial fiberglass braided core for increased stability and enhanced longitudinal flex creating a smooth, desirable flex for female skiers. When paired with the wider LuvBoat 108, female skiers have two excellent choices for enjoying everything the mountain has to offer, whether skiing off the summit in powder or carving through late afternoon crud.

FulLuvit 98Ti
Dimensions: 131/98/119
Rocker Profile: All-Terrain
Sizes: 163, 170, 177
Radius: 17.5m @170