Industry News 1/22/2015

VIDEO: Smith Official Eyewear and Helmet of Team UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling

Smith is pleased to announce its collaborative partnership with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling team in becoming the official supplier of bike helmets and performance eyewear for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. In addition, the two companies are leveraging their union in the development of new performance protective cycling gear.

One of the most successful Pro Continental teams in the sport of professional cycling, the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team includes top male and female riders from across the world. Within the first two weeks of 2015, the team has already claimed several race victories including recent wins for Hannah Barnes and new team member, Linda Villumsen.

For use in training and competition, Smith will outfit the teams for 2015 in the new unisex Overtake road bike helmet, as well performance eyewear including the new Arena and Arena Max interchangeable sunglasses.

"We are super excited to start using Smith's new, ultra safe, lightweight, and well ventilated Overtake helmet. The Aerocore™ construction using Koroyd® is setting a new standard in helmet technology. We are proud to be the first team privileged to make use of this safety and performance advantage," said Thierry Attias, UnitedHealthCare Pro Cycling Team Owner.

The newly established partnership will provide UHC the opportunity to support Smith with rider feedback towards future product development that meets the needs and demands of professional road racers.

"We are very excited about this long term partnership with UHC and working together to develop next level products that are not only the fastest in the world, but also offer the riders next level protection," commented Graham Sours, Smith Helmet Category Manager.