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Malakye Picks: Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!



5 Career Questions That Will Make You More Successful in 2015 (read it on
Why Read It? Because what better time than now to reflect on your career?

  • This career coach has great tips for starting the new year!
  • How did you improve?
  • What relationships did you gain and/or improve along the way?
  • Review your work and figure out what projects and skills are important to progress on, and which ones are no longer relevant.

"As you reflect on all the ways you helped, you might see that your focus was limited to the office, or only outside of the office with volunteer commitments, and you may decide to change or blend your focus over the next year. "

5 Ways to Focus on What Really Matters in 2015: Yourself (read it on
Why Read It? Because at the end of the day, your personal well being is a large asset that may get overlooked.

  • Create both short- and long-term goals for yourself that are attainable.
  • Don't let other people's negative energy bring you down.
  • Live in the present and make everyday meaningful.

"I realize this is easier said than done, but if you can find a way to maximize each day across the things that matter most -- family, health and work, to name a few -- you will find yourself in a happier, more productive, and more fulfilled state of mind."

8 Moves to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet!
(read it on

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet
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